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    USAV Academy Status update


    We have uncovered a set of clinic registrations from January 15 & 16 that were not process properly, resulting in no course material flowing into the Academy. As of 10a today, we have re-registered all of those stray registrations and member records should be up to date. If you are missing a course or clinic, pleae launch a new helpdesk ticket.

    Academy is running properly at full power


    A hardware issue was identified at 1115a mountain time and fully resolved in an hour. All course registrations were restored within a few hours, but some users may not have seen their registrations immediately. All should have been put in place by 4p mountain time. If you are missing a course or clinic registration, please launch a new helpdesk ticket.


    For about two minutes at 4:20p, one of our servers required restarting for a few minutes. Users who were taking content were not impacted. The only users who may have been effected were those who were attempting to log in, launch courses, or register at exactly that time.


    The USAV Academy is functioning properly with high availaiblity and excellent performance.


    Earlier today, the USAV Academy was humming along with more than 1,800 people logged in at the same time.

    At ~3p mountain time, our platform provider started experiencing unidentified hardware issues.

    While some users are experiencing issues, others are successfully launching and viewing course material.

    We continue to work closely with our platform provider, as they refine our complex configuration to best serve content to our users.

    Our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience or issues you are experiencing.



    USAV Academy Team

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